The Leading Ladies of "Dope"

The Leading Ladies of “Dope”

As the setting sun paints the Santa Monica sky hot pink, Kiersey Clemons and Chanel Iman scroll through their Instagram feeds, debating the merits of candid versus posed photographs. “I’m an actress, so I love candids,” says the 21-year-old Clemons, best known as teen troublemaker Bianca on the pioneering Amazon series Transparent, “but [Chanel] is... More
Cosmic L.A. Style: Stargazing with Miss KK & Friends

Cosmic L.A. Style: Stargazing with Miss KK & Friends

On Sunday night, in the shoe designer Jerome Rousseau’s elegant Hollywood studio, a colorful community of artists gathered to celebrate the debut of MissKK: A Sister Collaboration, a clothing line by costumer, stylist, and designer MissKK (née Kristine Karnaky) and her sister, Kat Karnaky, a textile designer and printer who lives in Oakland. Hanging on... More
Dennis Hopper's "The Last Movie" Screens at Paris Photo

Dennis Hopper’s “The Last Movie” Screens at Paris Photo

Three of Dennis Hopper’s four children — Marin, Ruthanna and Henry — gathered at Paramount Studios with Hollywood friends like Andrew and Luke Wilson and Todd Phillips (director of the “Hangover” franchise and friend of Ruthanna, Hopper’s daughter with the “Zabriskie Point” star Daria Halprin) and art-world luminaries including Bill Viola and Sophie Calle for... More
The Source Family Comes Home -- On Their Own Terms

The Source Family Comes Home — On Their Own Terms

It was not your typical Happy Hour on the Sunset Strip. Last Thursday, the Standard Hotel hosted the L.A. premiere of “The Source Family,” a documentary by Jodi Wille and Maria Demopoulos. In honor of the 1970s Hollywood commune portrayed in the film, which is the first feature for both directors, the lobby was swathed... More
On The Verge: Golshifteh Farahani

On The Verge: Golshifteh Farahani

Destiny, for some actors, might mean meeting a certain director or earning a coveted industry award. For Golshifteh Farahani, destiny arrived five years ago in the form of detainment at the airport in Teheran, when she was prevented from boarding her flight. Farahani became an icon thanks to the 2006 film M for Mother, about... More
Brian Butler's Magick Act

Brian Butler’s Magick Act

For the Los Angeles artist Brian Butler, magic (or “magick,” as the case may be) is as modern as technology. Certain teachings may be ancient, he notes, but that doesn’t make them any less relevant. “In the modern world of computers, the same energies are still operating,” he says.Butler was premiering his film, “The Dove... More